Kitty: Japanese Pizza

Japanese Pizza

6 mini peeled carrots cut into thin slices
8 dried shitake mushrooms cut into thin slices
6 regular mushrooms cut into thin slices
2 handfuls of English peas
1 can of Chinese spicy eel with black beans broken into small pieces and the oil
3 imitation crab sticks cut into thin chunks
6 slices of deli turkey
1 scallion thinly chopped
1/2 cup of grated Harvartti Cheese
1 store bought pizza shell

1) Place the pizza shell on a cookie sheet while the oven is pre-heating according to directions
2) Place the carrots, peas, and shitake mushrooms on the bottom of the pizza shell
3) Place the turkey over the entire bottom covering items in 2
4) Place the crab sticks and eel on top of the turkey slices
5) Drizzle the eel oil over the top of the pizza
6) Cover the eel and crab with a layer of regular mushrooms
7) Sprinkle the top with scallions
8) Finally cover the top with a thin layer of cheese
9) Follow the instructions for cooking on a pizza shell or until the shell is slightly brown (10-28 min at 450 degrees)

Serve with a light soy sauce dipping sauce.


This essentially is a pizza crust version of the Japanese Okonomiyaki. ("Okonomi" means "as you like" referring to the ingredients used in the pancake.)

The only exposure most americans have had to Okonomiyaki was Ukyo Kuonji in Ranma 1/2. She had a Okonomiyaki shop and carried spatulas that she fought with in the anime

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