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New Year Traditions
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I think something that is truly fascinating is seeing and hearing about people's new years traditions. Growing up in the south it was all about ham hocks, black eye peas, and leafy vegetables to eat on the first day of the New Year. My great grandfather had a saying that he told everyone about the fact it was the rainiest, snowiest, hottest, coldest, etc. day of the year. I still repeat that saying right at midnight as I call all my family and wake them up to wish them an Happy New Year. I have to be the first to say it. (Sorry Mom, but it just has to be done.)

Well, I thought I would share my family’s tradition. We make dumplings right as the clock strikes midnight. To be honest it is our tradition for Chinese New Years as well, but at least the house doesn't have to be spotless, floors hand scrupped wipping the strokes towards the heart of the house, and all the trash out (We don't throw trash out for 15 days, since it is bad luck.) before midnight for western new years.

And yes I cooked 1/4 of a cup of black eye peas to eat on the first. Ummmm, I may have only eaten two, so I hope it counts for good luck for the New Year. My Great Great Great Aunt would not be happy that I didn't finish my peas.

Happy New Years to one and all, again!

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